Ekamant Wide Abrasive Paper Belt Material


Finaids are the exclusive importers in the UK of Ekamant (Sweden) High Quality Abrasives for wood.

Well developed, high quality products and a high level of technical expertise make Ekamant a first in the timber industry throughout the world. Wide abrasive paper belts are made to suit many machines in daily use. The abrasive range listed below is suitable for a range of applications. Tell us the application and we will help to guide you to the correct product.

All these belts are available – some from our standard stock range, some made to order. For our standard stock range please see ‘Ekamant Wide Abrasive paper Belt Stock Range’.

EKAMANT Antistatex generates no electrical charges. The result is that the sanding dust follows the sanding belt and is removed by the vacuum extraction. No sanding dust adheres to the work piece – RESULT – a cleaner work surface which is cheaper to lacquer.

In the table below *A*=Antistatix, *P*=Prevent Dust

ProductGrainGrit RangeCoatingBackingApplicationMax Width
AESM*A* SiCP240-1000Open/StearateE-PaperAll lacquers except water-based1350
AEKM*A* SiCP240-400Open/StearateE-PaperMelamine and polyester lacquers1350
AESMS*A* SiCP240-400OpenE-PaperWater-based lacquers and stains1350
ARSFEO*A* SiCP40-150Extra OpenF-PaperVeneers and solid wood1350
ARSFO*A* SiCP180-240OpenF-PaperVeneers and solid wood1350
ARKFEO*A* AluP40-180Extra OpenF-PaperSoft wood e.g. pine and soft materials1400
ARKFO*A* AluP60-180OpenF-PaperVeneer of all kinds of wood1400
EKA1000F*P* AluP40-240OpenF-PaperUniversal product for all types of sanding1350
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