Polishing Compounds


Various polishing compounds and grades available.

Satene LeaA80
Aluminous OxideA120
Aluminous OxideA150
Aluminous OxideA180
Aluminous OxideA240
Aluminous OxideA320
Satene LeaS120
Bond LeaNo.3
Lea Compound2468 Aluminium
Lea Compound2464 Cut/Colour
Lea Compound2000D High Colour
Lea Compound309 Colour
Lea CompoundLubar Grease
Canning CompoundsCarbrax M.Greasy
Canning CompoundsCarbrax C.Greasy
Canning CompoundsHyfin
Canning CompoundsLustre
Canning Compounds1487
Canning CompoundsSteelbrite
Canning CompoundsVonax (plastic)
Canning CompoundsAlbo Grease
Cold CementsColdax (Tub 10Kgs)
Polishing Compound Grades
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