Aluminium Oxide Narrow Belts

Aluminium Oxide Narrow Belt


Aluminium oxide abrasive belts are widely recognized for their versatility and effectiveness in various sanding and grinding applications. These belts are crafted using aluminum oxide, a hard and durable material that ensures exceptional cutting power and longevity. Renowned for their ability to handle a spectrum of materials, from wood to metal, aluminium oxide belts efficiently remove stock and deliver consistent results. Their self-sharpening properties maintain a sharp cutting edge, making them ideal for tasks requiring aggressive material removal while also offering a fine finish. These belts are available in various grit sizes to cater to different needs, whether it’s heavy-duty sanding, shaping, or achieving a smooth, refined surface. Known for their resilience and cost-effectiveness, aluminium oxide abrasive belts continue to be a popular choice across industries for their reliability and consistent performance in demanding applications.

For dry grinding of normal steels and their alloys, wood and leather.

Size Chart

The following table represents common sizes, we can manufacture any size belt for all machines.

Length (mm)Width (mm)Grit(s)MOQ
3959040 – 40012
4505040 – 40024
7602540 – 40010
8204040 – 40010
91510040 – 40012
106525, 5040 – 40024
152525, 5040 – 40024
200025, 5040 – 40024
250025, 5040 – 40025
250015040 – 40010
2740100, 15040 – 40012
345010040 – 40012
3500100, 15040 – 40012
Length (mm)Width (mm)Grit(s)MOQ
Aluminium Oxide Narrow Belt size chart
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