Bonded Fibreglass Backed Flapdiscs (20 Pack)

TAF Bonded Fibreglass Backed Zirconium Flapdiscs (Pack of 20)


Pack of 20

The Finishing Aids range of metalworking abrasive flapdiscs cater for all requirements and ensures the right finish is obtained even under the most exacting conditions.

The products here are only a part of our full range, please contact us for further details and other specifications.

Size Chart

CodeSize (mm)GritsAbrasiveMax. RPMShape
LVZ28100 x 16P40 – 120Zirconium15,000Flat
LVZ29100 x 16P40 – 120Zirconium15,000Tapered
LVZ34115 x 22P40 – 120Zirconium13,200Flat
LVZ38115 x 22P40 – 120Zirconium13,200Tapered
LVZ42125 x 22P40 – 120Zirconium12,000Flat
LVZ44125 x 22P40 – 120Zirconium12,000Tapered
LVZ66180 x 22P36 – 120Zirconium8,500Flat
LVZ69180 x 22P36 – 120Zirconium8,500Tapered
CodeSize (mm)GritsAbrasiveMax. RPMShape
Fibreglass backed flapdiscs size chart
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