3M Trizact® Narrow Belts

3M Trizact Narrow Metalworking Belts

For fine, high-precision and cosmetic finishing.


For fine, high precision and cosmetic finishing. Fresh cutting surfaces are continually exposed, resulting in extended belt life reducing frequency of belt changes.

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Size Chart

3M Trizact Portable Belt Size Chart

The following table represents common sizes, we can manufacture any size belt for all machines.

Length (mm)Width (mm)GradesMOQ
39590A300 – A512
45050A300 – A524
76025A300 – A510
82040A300 – A510
915100A300 – A512
106525, 50A300 – A524
152525, 50A300 – A524
200025, 50A300 – A524
250025, 50A300 – A525
2500150A300 – A510
2740100, 150A300 – A512
3450100A300 – A512
3500100, 150A300 0 A512
Length (mm)Width (mm)GradesMOQ
3M Trizact® narrow belt size chart

3M Trizact Grade to FEPA Equivalence Table

3M Trizact GradeFEPA (P-Grade)3M Trizact GradeFEPA (P-Grade)
3M Trizact GradeFEPA (P-Grade)3M Trizact GradesFEPA (P-Grade)
3M Trizact® to FEPA equivalent chart
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