Used RSA Rasamax Duo Deburring Unit (top & bottom) – SOLD

Used Machinery - RSA Rasamax Top & Bottom Deburring Unit

Used Machinery – RSA Rasamax Top & Bottom Deburring Unit


Good condition. Price on application.

RASAMAX DUO sheet metal deburring machine was developed specifically for quickly and reliably deburring straight sheet metal edges. The deburring machine features two counter-rotating deburring brushes on two offset heights. Using this concept the top and lower edge of the sheet are deburred simultaneously in just one cycle. That means up to 50 % time savings compared to other methods!

The workpiece is simply placed on the roller table and guided along the lay-on edge and the high performance brushes. Razor-sharp sheet edges – e.g. caused by punching – are safely rounded off within seconds. Yet it causes no secondary burrs or material removal.

The use of plastic bonded high performance brushes allows straight sheet edges to be deburred without marking the surface. These brushes are developed for punch, laser and guillotined cuts leaving the edges completely smooth with no surface marks.

RASAMAX DUO is suitable for deburring single pieces and small batches, and the robust construction is designed for continuous operation.

Customer selling due to purchase of our very own Lissmac SMD123 RE deburring machine!

  • Manufacturer: RSA
  • Year: TBC
  • Condition: Used

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