Flat Profile Diamond Wheel Type 1A1


Peripheral diamond wheels with a 180° flat segmented profile are normally used as a first cutting and ‘sizing’ coarse wheel before profiling with specific shapes. They are supplied with or without coolant slots on the face depending on the thickness of glass being processed.

Diameters and widths available to suit all glass dimensions. Also available in continuous diamond band for shape edgers.

Available for use on a wide range of glass processing machinery.

TypeSizeGlass Thickness
1A1 Flat Edge Segmented Coarse100x10x224,5,6,8
1A1 Flat Edge Segmented Coarse100x12x2210
1A1 Flat Edge Segmented Coarse100x14x2212
1A1 Flat Edge Segmented Coarse100x17x2215
1A1 Flat Edge Segmented Coarse100x22x2219
1A1 Flat Edge Segmented Coarse100x30x2225
1A1 Flat Edge Segmented Coarse100x35x22Laminates
Flat Profile Diamond Wheel Type 1A1 Technical Data
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