FINWEB Hand Pads

FINWEB Hand Pads (10 pack)


FINWEB hand pads are made of non-woven nylon web impregnated with abrasive grain and resin. A variety of abrasives in different grit sizes give optimum solutions to any manual finishing operation.

FINWEB hand pads are non-loading, non-rusting, waterproof and solvent resistant!

Typical applications include light to heavy-duty cleaning, deburring, blending, graining and polishing. Colour coded for easy ordering, these products are all manufactured in a standard 150x230mm size for use by hand or in a designated holder.

ACRSBrownHeavy Duty150x230mm10
AMEDGreenGeneral Purpose150x230mm10
SULFNGreySuper Fine150x230mm10
SMEDBlackSilicon Carbide150x230mm10
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