Inserted Aluminium Oxide Flapdiscs (20 Pack)

TAF Inserted Plastic Backed Aluminium Oxide Flapdiscs (Pack of 20)


Pack of 20

These discs, the original flapdiscs from the late 1960’s are constructed using a turbine, or spoke-like backing disc. Into each of these slots abrasive cloth sections are inserted prior to loading with resin glue and ultimately heat curing in industrial ovens. Their construction ensures an extremely cool sanding effect together with low vibration and excellent life.

Size Chart

CodeSize (mm)GritsAbrasiveMax. RPM
43/A110 x 22P36 – 120Aluminium Oxide11,000
126/A165 x 22P36 – 120Aluminium Oxide6,800
CodeSize (mm)GritsAbrasiveMax. RPM
Inserted plastic backed Aluminium Oxide flapdiscs size chart
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