Lissmac SMW 5 Series

Lissmac SMW 5 - self-contained wet grinding machine for processing aluminium, titanium and other volatile materials

Wet grinding and deburring machines suitable for machining workpieces made of stainless steel, steel, aluminium or non-ferrous metal.


A wet processing machine that offers maximum protection when grinding aluminium, titanium or super-fine polishing of stainless steel.

An abrasive belt removes vertical burrs on the peripheral edges of the processed part and planetary brushes continue deburring more complex parts before being finished by a non-woven roller brush before exiting the machine. The brushes can be configured to assist in achieving the finest possible finish this machine is capable of. A stunning design makes a great addition to your manufacturing environment whilst maintaining Lissmac’s reputation for being a safe and simple-to-operate machine.

  • Wet grinding and polishing process
  • Removal of burrs
  • Two banks of 12 planetary brushes to remove internal burrs and radius edges
  • Self-contained wet system – NO EXTRACTION NECESSARY
  • Suitable for steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and magnesium
  • Suitable for parts with up-forms
  • Touch panel for intuitive operation located on swinging arm
  • Capable of cleaning greasy and oily parts whilst processing
  • Safe machining of volatile materials
  • Wet process reduces heat generation in processd parts

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Technical Data

Working width max.950, 1350, 1650mm
No. of heads1 – 4
Sheet thickness0.5 – 120mm
Voltage400 V / 50 Hz
480 V / 60 Hz
Network Structure3~ PEN / 3~ PE+N
Insulation classIP 42
Lissmac SMW 5 RE Technical Data

*infinitely configurable machine for customer requirements

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