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Vitrified Mounted Points (pack of 10)

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Vitrified Mounted Points

For general metalworking in a variety of shapes to suit all requirements.
The table below represents common shapes and sizes, other sizes available upon request.

ShapeDimension (mm)SpindleGradeMax Speed (rpm)
A3920x206mmBlue, Pink or Ruby47250
A3825x256mmBlue, Pink or Ruby34500
A2525mm dia6mmBlue, Pink or Ruby35620
A1121x456mmBlue, Pink or Ruby19860
A520x286mmBlue, Pink or Ruby45000
A432x326mmBlue, Pink or Ruby29840
A322x706mmBlue, Pink or Ruby16100
A120x656mmBlue, Pink or Ruby19800
W23840x406mmBlue, Pink or Ruby15600
W23640x136mmBlue, Pink or Ruby25130
W20520x256mmBlue, Pink or Ruby34500
W19516x206mmBlue, Pink or Ruby47000
W18613x206mmBlue, Pink or Ruby51000
W1637x136mmBlue, Pink or Ruby60000
Pack size 10
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