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1/2" Gas Routers

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1/2" Gas Routers

A range of 1/2" Gas sintered diamond routers in different diameters and number of segments for edging cut-outs on Forvet and other CNC machines. Available in standard concentration according to the table below and also in high concentration for high-speed operation - contact us for details.
Available for use on a wide range of glass processing machinery (please see table of manufacturers above).

Size mmGrade
08x30 3 segsCoarse
10x30 3 segsCoarse
14x40 3 segsCoarse
14x40 4 segsCoarse
20x40 4 segsCoarse
20x40 5 segsCoarse
20x40 6 segsCoarse
20x50 6 segsCoarse
22x40 54 segsCoarse
25x40 6 segsCoarse
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