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Trapezoidal Diamond Wheels

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Trapezoidal Diamond Wheels

Type 1DD6Y sintered diamond wheel with trapezoidal profile - flat edge with two arrisses - and coolant feed to the working face with or without segments depending on the glass thickness. For use on a wide range of CNC glass processing machinery and also for straight line and shape edgers (please see table of manufacturers above). In the following table 'WCF' = With Coolant Feed.

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ProfileSize mmGlass ThicknessGrade
1DD6Y25x12C4, C5, C6Medium
1DD6Y25x12C8, C10Medium
1DD6Y25x12C12Medium WCF
1DD6Y25x12C15Medium WCF
1DD6Y25x12C19Medium WCF
1DD6Y25x12C25Medium WCF
1DD6Y100x22C4Medium and Fine
1DD6Y100x22C5Medium and Fine
1DD6Y100x22C6Medium and Fine
1DD6Y100x22C8Medium and Fine
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